Red Rose Taverne gets a dash of French flair in Fantasyland at Disneyland Park

For a limited time, guests can indulge in a yummy Beauty and the Beast themed quick-service meal at Red Rose Taverne in Fantasyland at Disneyland Park.

The Red Rose Taverne’s Menu has been temporarily altered to add a dash of French flair. Guests can purchase menu items such as a burger with nutty Gruyère cheese and a grilled chicken sandwich topped with apple slaw. Also, poutine, slow-cooked beef and gravy served on a mound of waffle-cut fries, and 3 delicious flatbread options. For the veggie lovers out there, there is a grilled cauliflower steak sandwich and crisp chopped salad option.

Courtesy of the Disneyland Resort

After your meal, you can pick from two yummy dessert options, Lemon Rose Cake or delicious, creamy Grey Stuff.

You can view more lunch and dinner options and prices on the menu here. Which will you choose?


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